Nes Proteins Organic Chicken Bone Broth Original (100g)


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We use 100% Australian Free Range Organic Chicken bones, our NesProteins Chicken Bone Broth is 100% chicken bone with extracted collagen, chondriitin sulphate, glucosamine, glycine and pure amino acids. Free range organic chicken bones are added to filtered water and simmered for 15 hours. The chicken broth is then clarified and freeze dried to lock in the flavours and goodness. Other manufacturers use drying techniques that heat above 50C and that fail to dry product and have it crack like the freeze dry biscuit. Freeze drying produces superior texture and flavour. Liquid broth is around $10 for 500ml and is 95% water and has 2 serves. Whereas a 100g bag of NesProteins is 4% moisture and has 10 times as many serves.

Organic Chicken Bone Broth Powder: Supports Immune System Function, Protects Joints, Good for the gut, Maintains healthy skin, Boosts Detoxification and aids the metabolism and promotes anabolism. NesProteins Organic Chicken Bone Broth has a significantly longer shelf life compared to liquid broth once opened thus providing you with longer lasting and convenient supply. It is simple, quick to make and is very cost effective. Bone broth supports many important health benefits from helping to heal Leaky Gut Syndrome, fighting inflammation, reducing food intolerances and allergies plus speeding up the healing processes.

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